Fatebringer, other primaries returning as exotics with updated raids in Destiny


  • Start! Taking about Rewards and why WE play Destiny
  • New armour to earn, iconic weapons to return in NEW and exciting ways
  • Fashion show on the Dreadnaught to showcase new armour
  • Concept art for VoG set
  • All 3 classes shown in NEW VoG armour – More ‘Vexified’
  • Fatebringer and Mythoclast shown
  • Warlock has Vex legs (Like robot legs)
  • 390 Raids will drop 400 Light Level armour
  • Completing each challenge for an armour Ornament
  • Ornaments earned from CROTA can be used on VOG armour – AOT Ornaments are generic
  • Fatebringer CONFIRMED ELEMENTAL in a NEW form
  • 2 different versions of Raid primaries – ADEPT VERSION LIKE TRIALS WEAPONS
  • Adept version of Fatebringer is EXOTIC
  • Adept versions look different – Exotic, adept Fatebringer
  • Mythoclast has had no changes in the Sandbox so it would play the same as the 170 Mythoclast
  • Vision of Confluence same as Fatebringer – Adept / Exotic version
  • Not all Raid Primaries will be able to change into Adept / Exotic versions. Specials and heavies are already elemental
  • Crotas end concept art – Looks crazy good
  • Crotas end NEW raid armour shown with Ornaments
  • Crotas end armour – When damage taken it ‘damages’ the set and the Armour regenerates – Looks amazing
  • Word of Crota shown
  • Black Hammer discussed – Spindle to STAY and Black hammer is NOT returning
  • Nechrochasm shown
  • Nechro is updated! When you get ANY kill the victim will explode like a Cursed Thrall
  • ARs will be getting a BOOST to become more potent
  • IR YUT LMG shown
  • Developers saying the most exciting part of AoT is how diverse the looks are, sets are, everything is an option
  • Kings fall concept art shown
  • KINGS FALL armour same as Crota armour – When damaged it regenerates
  • WARLOCKS probably win the fashion show 😦
  • RANGE CHANGE on HAND CANNONS – To be discussed – Decrease by 3 metres
  • Touch of Malice Ornament shown
  • Kings fall weapons shown
  • WoTM concept armour art
  • WoTM armour Ornaments shown
  • Armour glows, flickers and looks more Sivafied
  • New Genesis Chain shown – Red and White
  • ARs to get a decent range boost and will cause more damage to give them more ‘teeth’
  • Age of Triumph armour set shown
  • AoT armour to have Y1 look
  • AoT armour takes chroma
  • Lord of Wolves Ornament shown – Siva
  • Dragons breath Ornament shown – Tiger stripes
  • Suros Ornament shown – Black and Gold / Second one is white and red but opposite – Red where white was in Y1
  • AoT armour can be acquired from following the AoT speaker questline and the rest from the boxes – Questline grants CLASS ITEM only
  • AoT is the best way to show YOUR best Guardian from your finest memories of Destiny
  • Share those on the creations page
  • NLB Ornament shown
  • NLB flinch
  • Kills activate Skorris
  • Lasts for 1 minute on Kill – Works from Kill to Kill
  • Trials will be much harder to use it as you NEED kills to use it properly. PVE should still be the same as a constant because of kills – Doesn’t say if the 1 mins stacks on Skorris
  • Sidearms will keep its intrinsic perk to keep ammo on death
  • when you die, you only come back with one magazine. Hopefully this will make sidearms NEED Special the same as others
  • Opening up a special ammo crate will FILL your magazine automatically
  • Developers saying thank you to the community, Josh says it’s an honour to engage with everyone about Destiny. Thank you for being engaging and helping him learn about how WE play the game
  • AoT to deploy at 10AM PACIFIC / 6pm BST
  • Deej out
  • Half hour with nothing new so I’m calling this one (Mercy Rule Active) for updates. Hopefully something will launch separately
  • Fin
  • THE TEASER IS HERE! It’s a T-Shirt



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