Destiny 2 info has started leaking

Looks like we’re up to our ankles in Destiny 2 leaks today! In light of all the information coming in and the different sites confirming leaks and details, we thought it would be a good idea to get all incoming information in one handy place.

via: Destiny The Game Reddit

Please keep all incoming details/articles regarding the Destiny 2 leaks to this thread!

Further posts linking to Destiny 2 leaks and articles will be removed and the users directed to post in this Megathread. As per usual, existing threads on the topic are exempt:


In case of any doubt – yes, that Destiny 2 leak is legit

/u/Loki_lulamen – More posters!

Edit: Update from Jason Schreier’s Twitter:

Ah fuck – I misread a text. Important correction: Destiny 2 might not be announced today. Will be soon, though. (Yes, poster is real.)


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