Destiny 2 story, details potentially leaked (VIDEO)

A Bungie employee took to the internet 2 months ago to leak a bunch of information about Destiny 2. His claims ended up lining up with the Destiny 2 teaser that was released today. I have included the rest of information in this video.

Full article:…

Control + F and search for “sick of the” to see his posts in the thread. The last few posts are from someone pretending to be him so ignore those.

This part is crazy: “We have decided to offer a better value to our customers by scaling back PvP and focusing on PvE trials. From what I know about the PvP it’s actually like a mode that cycles in and out of the menus like a limited time thing in order to keep people interested in the mode. So you cannot always go into PvP and we think this is a better value for our core customers.”


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