Pokemon Go Fest coming to Chicago July 22nd

Yesterday, Niantic made a rather major announcement regarding its plans for Pokémon GO this summer. Chief among the items which include a Fire and Ice event in June along with some kind of gym rework, they announced Pokémon GO Fest, the first official major Pokémon GO event which will take place in Chicago on July 22nd in Grant Park.

But for such a major event, Niantic has refused to share almost any details about what the event actually is. There is literally one line that describes what might take place at Pokémon GO Fest, and it reads:

“The fun-filled day of Pokémon GO in the park will give Trainers the chance to meet fellow players and engage in a variety of activities.”

That’s it. Though a website for the event is online, there is literally zero information on it, just an email notification input, a countdown timer for ticket sales (which start June 19th), and hotel recommendations. But not a single shred of information about the event itself.


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