Pokemon Go gyms are back online, Raids going live

UPDATE 7:20 pm (CST): Looks like anyone over level 25 can join raids now. Not only that, but raids are no longer showing up at sponsored gyms only.

UPDATE: Raids are now live for anyone over level 28. (Yay me).

Niantic activated the new, revamped gyms in Pokémon GO earlier this afternoon, and it turns out today’s the day they’re flipping the switch to test the more interesting addition the game, raids.

Niantic has just announced that raids are live in select cities as we speak, meaning you can snag a raid pass from spinning your local gyms, and head on over to participate

…if you’re level 35 or above.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Raids are only available to an incredibly select subset of Pokemon GO players level 35 and above, which means players have amassed a total of 6 million or more XP since the game started.



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